Best Recommended Devices to Stop Teeth Grinding

by grind on April 16, 2012

There are many aspects to consider when choosing devices for teeth grinding and clenching. Some of the best recommended devices to stop teeth grinding have features that include custom fitting, durability, comfort and construction. There are many devices out there but many are ineffective. So how do you choose the best device for you? Here are some of the key points to the best recommended devices to stop teeth grinding.

Comfort and Your Teeth Grinding Device

Make sure you choose a device that is going to be comfortable to sleep with. The smaller the device, the more likely it’s to fit comfortable. Comfort also doesn’t always have to come from a dentist office, but you don’t always want to choose the cheaper over-the-counter devices either. One great way to find comfortable devices is check reviews, make sure you’re doing your research when looking for a teeth grinding device. If you find a teeth grinding device that you’d like to purchase, make sure it has a money-back guarantee, so you can return it if it does not fit properly.

Recommended Fit

The most effective teeth grinding devices are those with a custom fit. When your grinding device is fit for you it will be more comfortable, more effective and easier to wear. You can get teeth grinding devices that are custom fit by you or your dentist. When looking into  a custom fit teeth grinding device, once again make sure you do your research on the brands and devices, and always check out reviews.

The Durability of Teeth Grinding Devices

When it comes to teeth grinding devices, durability is not only same. When you grind your teeth heavy forces are impacted upon the device, making it wear out. Some of the cheaper devices will wear out more quickly than others. Also, some of the traditional horseshoe shaped devices can actually increase grinding and clenching forces, which causes them to wear out the fastest. Find a device that focuses on the anterior midline. This will ensure that grinding pressure is decreased and your device will have better durability.


Not all teeth grinding devices are made the same. Make sure you research the material and make of the device. Paying attention to the construction of the device will help you choose the best teeth grinding device for you. There are many devices, make sure you are a smart consumer when purchasing your teeth grinding device. Check out the GrindGuardN - a great choice for a teeth grinding device.

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